NYE celebration ban is not a suggestion, it's an obligation, Turkish Interior Ministry says

Turkey's Interior Ministry reminded citizens that not holding celebrations for New Year's Eve was not a "suggestion" but an "obligation," amending an earlier notice which established a four-day curfew over the holiday. Turkish law enforcement will be working with full staff on Dec. 31, the ministry added.

Duvar English

Turkey's Interior Ministry has said that not having large gatherings or celebrations on New Year's Eve was not a "suggestion" but an "obligation," the Official Gazette reported on Dec. 28. 

Ankara already issued a notice establishing a four-day curfew starting Dec. 31, which was widely interpreted as an attempt to ban New Year's celebrations, a theory that was confirmed by the second notice. 

"New Year's Eve parties/celebrations will not be allowed anywhere, including hotels or residences," the notice said, adding that law enforcement will be working with a "full staff."

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry's cybercrime team will be monitoring social media for activity that violates the curfew and celebration ban, along with COVID-19 measures and terrorism law, the notice added.

The ministry will reportedly provide shelter for anyone without a residence and will feed street animals as locals will be unable to go outside to feed them during the lockdown.