ODTÜ rectorate cancels conference on evolution

The rector’s office of ODTÜ has canceled a conference on evolution on the grounds that there will be renovations at the cultural center the conference was planned to be held.

Duvar English

The rector’s office of Ankara's prestigious Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) has canceled a conference on evolution due to “renovations.”

The Aykut Kence Evolution Conference was planned to be held for the 17th time on Dec. 6-7 by ODTÜ’s Biology and Genetics Society at the Culture and Congress Center of the university. 

The rector’s office announced that there will be renovations in the cultural center at the time of the conference and canceled the conference.  

Similarly in 2019, the rector’s office canceled the event due to “renovations.” The conference was instead held in a wedding hall outside of the university.

The Biology and Genetics Society released a statement on Sept. 25 and said the aim of the conference is to correct common misconceptions about evolution.

The society said the rector’s office suggested the same reason for the cancellation of the conference back in 2019, but there was no renovation at the center. 

“Although efforts are made to move the subject of evolution to different places in today's world, the conference aims to progress without targeting any political ideology or personal belief. This year, we see that they are trying to prevent the conference as a manifestation of anti-evolutionism in our country,” it added.

Several student clubs threw their support behind the Biology and Genetics Society upon the cancellation.