One killed in fight between locals, Syrians in Ankara

One person died and another was injured as a result of a knife fight that broke out between locals and Syrians in the capital Ankara's Altındağ district late on Aug. 10. Following the incident, workplaces and houses of Syrians were targeted, with the police intervening.

Serkan Alan / DUVAR

A fight broke out between locals and Syrians in the capital Ankara's Altındağ district on Aug. 10 evening and resulted in the death of one person.

The incident occurred at a park in the Battalgazi Neighborhood, known to have been housing many Syrian refugees.

Two people were stabbed as a result of the fight, with the 18-year-old Emirhan Yalçın succumbing to his injuries at the hospital. Ali Yasin Güler, on the other hand, has been receiving medical care and was reported to be in good health.

Riot police teams were dispatched to the neighborhood as a result of heightened tensions and took security measures.

After the incident, a group of locals attempted to break into the houses of Syrians and faced police resistance.

Battalgazi neighborhood head (“muhtar”) Habip Eroğlu said authorities were talking with locals so that they do not initiate any attempts of lynching against Syrians.

“If three-four people talk these people into pouring on the streets, there would be a problem. We tell people to 'be calm.' I am outside since last night; my voice is gone; we could not sleep. Whenever we see people, we tell them 'Do not do anything.' Some of them react against it, whereas some say 'Ok.' Whatever happens, people need to stay calm,” Eroğlu said.

The Ankara Governor's Office released a statement saying two people were detained with regards to the incident.

Afterwards, the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office said that the two detainees were arrested following their testimonies pending trial.

It also said that a separate investigation was launched into social media posts that “cause anxiety, fear and panic” with regards to the incident.