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Iconic liberation activist Leila Khaled stated at the Democratic Peoples’ Party (HDP) congress that the people of Palestine and the Kurdish people are part of the same struggle.

“Our people have embraced your party, our people are elevating the party. We struggle together against Zionism, against imperialism and bigotry,” said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) member best known for her part in two plane hijackings in the early 70s.

A young Khaled smiles as she holds a rifle, date and place unkown.

“Long live Palestine, long live Kurdistan,” Khaled said at the end of her speech, cementing her message of unity between the two peoples.

Greetings from one jailed politician to another

Khaled also relayed greetings from “the people of Palestine who are occupied by Zionism and the United States forces” to the audience.

“I’ve brought greetings from comrades held hostage in the dungeons of Palestine, to the comrades resisting in your prisons,” said Khaled, underlining the union of the two peoples.

Khaled conveyed greetings from former PFLP General Secretary Ahmad Sa’adat to former HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş, from Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar to Abdullah Öcalan, founder of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, all of whom are political prisoners.

A message to Erdoğan, Trump and Netanyahu

Khaled also commented on U.S. President Donald Trump’s “Plan of the Century” to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that the U.S. government and Israel were “still invading Palestinian land.”

“This is a plan to dissolve the Palestinian cause. We’re calling out to Trump and Netanyahu: This project will never be realized, we will not allow it,” Khaled said about the White House plan.

Officially dubbed the “Trump Peace Plan,” the peace solution aims to isolate Palestinian territory through tunnels and bridges, as demonstrated by maps released by the White House.

Noting once again the similarities between the Palestinian and Kurdish struggles, Khaled criticized Ankara’s military operations in the mostly Kurdish-populated north of Syria.

“We stand united against international governments’ terrorism. What is the Turkish army doing in Syria? Our kids are dying. I’ll speak on your behalf: The people of Syria will be victorious against Erdoğan.”