Müzeyyen Yüce / DUVAR

The pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has formed an “Expansion and Alliances Commission” to work towards a “democracy alliance” among opposition parties in Turkey.

The idea was suggested during HDP’s congress with the aim of uniting social-political opposition in Turkey that is currently highly fractured between different political parties.

“If we want to change the oppressive political landscape and fascist climate in Turkey, all the forces of democracy must organize and unite. There are many left, democratic and socialist forces outside of the HDP,” said Emin Orhan, co-representative of the newly formed committee.

Known as the “woman in red” in her hometown of Konya, Sultan Özcan is the other co-representative of the committee. Özcan is known for her public advocacy of women’s rights and her personal story of surviving domestic abuse.

The commission will hold its first meeting next week, representatives said.

A political counterpart for a social base

Turkish society is looking for a new political movement, Orhan said, adding that his group wants to unite opposition under the Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK), a “solidarity platform for all who are oppressed and abused.”

“We want to organize this search that’s united under the HDK on a political platform. HDP needs social capital. This capital and organization must be founded on political roots,” Orhan said.

Election blocs will also be on the committee’s agenda, Orhan said, but are not the final goal for the newly founded commission.

“We are aiming for a societal alliance,” he said.