Probe launched into journalist for reporting ‘unlawful’ tender of trustee municipality

An investigation has been launched into journalist Oktay Candemir for reporting on an "unlawful" tender of the trustee-run Van Metropolitan Municipality that concerns the renting of cars during President Erdoğan's visit.

This photo shows journalist Oktay Candemir (L) and his lawyer (R).

Salih Sertkal / DUVAR

The prosecutor’s office in the eastern province of Van has launched an investigation into journalist Oktay Candemir over his reporting of an "unlawful" tender of the Van Metropolitan Municipality that concerns the renting of cars during President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s visit.

According to Candemir, the municipality, run by a government-appointed trustee, rented vehicles to transport people from the surrounding districts to Erdoğan’s rally on June 11.

The tender in question was given to a former Justice and Development Party (AKP) executive under the 21-B clause of the public procurement law, which is put into effect only in case of natural disasters, epidemics and wars. Candemir described the tender as illegal in his reporting.

Following Candemir’s reporting, the AKP executive named Çetin Çan filed a complaint against him with the accusation of slander and insult. The prosecutor's office also launched an investigation into Candemir. 

Candemir went to the police station and gave a statement on Sept. 6 as part of the investigation.

Candemir said: “The duty of the journalist is reporting. It is not me who should be tried, but the perpetrators of this corruption.”

Candemir's lawyer Kadir Kutevi stated that Candemir is a journalist and that his reporting is within the framework of freedom of the press.

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