Solidarity saves lives: Bus drivers protect motorcycle couriers against powerful winds in Istanbul

In the face of extreme winds, two municipality bus drivers have served as shields of protection to a group of motorcycle couriers on Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge.

Duvar English

Two municipality buses protected a group of motorcycle couriers from extreme winds on Istanbul's Bosphorus Bridge.

The buses each drove next to the motorcycles and prevented them from being knocked over on the ground. Thanks to the municipality buses, the four couriers have managed to pass through the bridge unhurt.

Turkish authorities later in the day banned motorcycles from entering the bridge.

Motorcycle couriers, as well social media users, called on companies to suspend services because of the danger posed by powerful storms. 

Powerful winds created havoc in the city on Nov. 29, knocking down even structures and tearing off roofs.

At least four people, including a foreign national, died and over a dozen were hurt in Istanbul on Nov. 29 due to powerful winds, the governor's office said in a statement.

Strong winds of up to 130 km per hour were felt in Istanbul, according to the country's Meteorology General Directorate (MGM).

The winds have knocked down buildings and lifted concrete slabs off roofs and walls.
A clock tower in the Çatalca district collapsed due to extreme weather. No injures were reported. 

Turkey's flag-carrier Turkish Airlines reported disruptions to its flight schedule, while the Bosphorus Strait has been closed to traffic from both directions.

The Istanbul Governor's Office also announced that schools were suspended for one day.