Strikes continue to spread in Turkey as Migros warehouse workers protest 8 percent pay raise

The strikes of workers continue to expand throughout Turkey as 400 workers of a Migros grocery warehouse protested the 8 percent pay raise on Feb. 3. A police water cannon vehicle (TOMA) came to the scene of the protest. 

Duvar English 

Nearly 400 workers of Turkey's leading supermarket chain Migros went on strike on Feb. 3, after the the company announced an 8 percent pay raise. 

The protest took place at the Migros warehouse in Istanbul's Esenyurt district. 

Warehouse, Port, Shipyard and Marine Workers (DGD-SEN) Union Head Neslihan Acar said that the workers want a 70 percent pay raise. 

A statement released by the union on Twitter said that company officials were telling workers to quit if they do not accept the 8 percent pay raise. "We have established our platform of workers. Let us speak today. We will speak," the statement said. 

Meanwhile, a police water cannon vehicle (TOMA) was dispatched to the scene of the protest. 

The DGD-SEN released a video footage showing the TOMA at the premises, saying they "will resist until the end" and will not allow anyone to be harmed. 

The success of the strike launched by Trendyol couriers last week has inspired workers throughout Turkey, with similarly Sürat Kargo, Aras Kargo, HepsiJET, Yurtiçi Kargo, and Yemeksepeti workers demanding an increase in their pay.

Turkey on Feb. 3 reported an annual inflation rate of 48.69 percent in January, the highest in two decades, whereas the independent inflation group ENAG put the figure at 114.87 percent.

Inflation has been particularly acutely felt in housing prices, food, and utilities.