Supermodel Bella Hadid shares favorite Turkish song, says she might visit Turkey soon

Supermodel Bella Hadid shared her favorite Turkish song on her social media on July 11, surprising fans, as she added that she might visit Turkey soon.

Duvar English

Supermodel Bella Hadid surprised her fans on July 11 by sharing her favorite song in Turkish and saying that she might visit Turkey soon. 

One fan asked Hadid whether she listened to music in Turkish and asked her to share her favorite Turkish song if she did. 

"Yes, this one is my jam at the moment," Hadid said in response, sharing the song "Müsaadenle" on her Instagram story. 

Titled "Excuse me" in Turkish, the song's lyrics are written from the point of view of a woman who was let down by a lover and is letting them know that she will be leaving.

"I love Turkey, might visit soon," Hadid added.