Taxi drivers attack Istanbul’s Transportation Coordination Center with stones

Taxi drivers who were dissatisfied with the increased fares tried to enter the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality’s Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) building and attacked the building with stones. The police intervened in the turmoil and detained some of the drivers.

Duvar English

Istanbul’s taxi drivers reacting to the 28.09 percent increase in taxi fares at the meeting of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Centre (UKOME) on Jan. 8 attacked the UKOME building with stones.

During the meeting of UKOME, a group of taxi drivers gathered in front of the building arguing that they were victimized by the transformation of minibusses working on different lines in Istanbul into large-capacity taxis. They also reacted to the hike decision and the exclusion of the regulations related to them as an agenda item in the meeting.

During the brawl, taxi drivers broke the iron railings set up for security purposes and threw eggs and plastic bottles at the building. The participants also broke the windows and glass railings of the facility with iron bars.

Riot police intervened with the taxi drivers who tried to enter the building. Many taxi drivers were detained after the attack. Three people who were slightly injured in the crowd were treated in an ambulance.