Deputy criticizes main opposition CHP to pro-gov't newspaper after resigning from party

Teoman Sancar, who resigned from the main opposition CHP on Feb. 28, gave an interview to pro-government Sabah newspaper in which he criticized the CHP for “not protecting him and believing in blackmailers” following the emergence of an alleged intimate video of the deputy.

MP Teoman Sancar is seen addressing parliament in this file photo.

Duvar English

Teoman Sancar, who announced his resignation from the Republican People's Party (CHP) on Twitter on Feb. 28, criticized the CHP to a pro-government newspaper in an interview.

He told Sabah newspaper on March 3 that the CHP forced him to resign following the emergence of a video footage allegedly showing the deputy getting inmate with a person.

Sancar said that he was blackmailed with the video and the relevant suspects had asked from him a total of 1 million dollars. Once he refused to pay this amount, the video footage was sent to the CHP headquarters, which asked Sancar to resign from the party.

Sancar said the images in the video did not belong to him and criticized the CHP for “believing in blackmailers and expending him.”

Sanar also spoke of the incident to Saygı Öztürk from daily Sözcü, saying he will prove that he is “not the one in the images in the plot and not gay.” “I am married with two children. When aspersions were cast on me, this also should have been thought of. I will mention the names of people one by one who are in this plot.”

Following Sancar's complaint to the police, an investigation was launched into the incident, leading to the detention of six people accused of blackmailing the deputy.

Sancar is the last lawmaker to resign from the CHP, which holds as of now 135 seats in parliament.

The CHP has not yet released any statement with regards to Sancar's resignation.