Three opposition media outlets hit by cyber attack

As the most critical elections in Turkey's history are taking place, opposition media outlets on May 14 were hit by cyber attacks. Television channel Halk TV, newspaper Sözcü, and Cumhuriyet reported cyber attacks on their websites.

Duvar English

Opposition media outlets in Turkey have been targeted by cyber attacks as the voters have been waiting for the results. Several news organizations, including television channel Halk TV, daily Sözcü, and Cumhuriyet, on May 14 reported attacks on their websites, according to news outlet BirGün.

In the statement made on Sözcü's official Twitter account, the newspaper stated that its website cannot be accessed due to ongoing attacks.

In a statement made on Halk TV's official Twitter account, the TV channel said, "We have just been hit by a cyber attack originating from abroad. The attack is still ongoing.”

Cumhuriyet newspaper also reported that their website was hit by a cyber-attack, and said, "Independent media is in the crosshairs."