Top Turkish court finds COVID-19 curfew violation fine 'unlawful'

Turkey’s Constitutional Court (AYM) has found the administrative fine given for violating the nationwide curfew during the COVID-19 pandemic “unlawful,” saying such fines “will lead to allowing arbitrary punishment.”

Duvar English

Turkey’s Constitutional Court (AYM) has found the fines given for violating the curfew during the pandemic “unlawful.”

The AYM ruled the application of Mustafa Karakuş who was fined for 3,180 liras for violating the curfew in May 10, 2020.

Karakuş was given an administrative fine of 3,180 liras in Istanbul while driving in his car on the grounds that violating Presidential Circulars issued within the scope of COVID-19 measures and Public Health Law No. 1593.

The AYM said among the measures envisaged in the Law No. 1593, there is no restriction of curfew and citizens cannot be punished under this law.

“Accepting the contrary will lead to the widening of the criminal provision, the scope of which is deliberately put narrow by the legislator, and to allowing arbitrary punishment,” the court’s ruling noted.