Trailer parking banned by Mediterranean holiday town's municipality

Parking trailers in public spaces in Mediterranean holiday town Marmaris has been banned by the municipal council, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on July 6. Law enforcement reportedly told trailer owners that they were not allowed to park on the streets because residents complained about the "unpleasant view" created by the vehicles.

Duvar English

Parking trailers in public spaces was banned by a municipal council decision in the Mediterranean holiday town of Marmaris, prompting protest among owners, the daily Cumhuriyet reported on July 6.

The municipal council reportedly ruled to ban trailer parking in April on the grounds that the vehicles created an unpleasant view and prompted complaints from residents.  

City police have reportedly told trailer owners that they're no longer allowed to stay overnight in the kilometers-long public beach stretching between Kumluca and Finike, adjacent to Marmaris.  

"The municipality asked us to restrict trailer usage, so we redirect visitors to the municipal facility in Gökliman. Of course, this is a small area," said Finike District Mayor Mustafa Geyikçi.

The ban around Marmaris prompted trailer owners to flock to the Manavgat district of nearby Antalya province, with camp grounds in the latter reportedly filling up completely with vacationers. 

Meanwhile, law enforcement has been forcing trailer owners to move their vehicles on grounds of district governors' orders in the Kemer, Kumluca and Finike districts.

Gendarmerie also reportedly asked trailer owners to leave the area in the Beldibi, Göynük and Adrasan districts of Antalya.

Trailer owners protested the government's intervention with their activities on the grounds that their vehicles are properly licensed, leaving no room for state jurisdiction in their usage. 

"The restrictions seem arbitrary. Municipalities are enforcing the ban to avoid liability," said vacationer Salih Durmaz who has been traveling via trailer for 15 years. 

Durmaz also noted that trailer owners are careful in their conduct and don't create pollution like day visitors from nearby areas are often blamed for. 

Trailers have long been a cheaper vacation alternative in Turkey and have become even more popular during the pandemic for their low cost and isolation advantages.