Tsunami waves stood as high as 2.3 meters following İzmir earthquake

A survey of the Aegean coast around İzmir revealed that tsunami waves stood as high as 2.3 meters following the devastating Oct. 30 quake in the region. The water reportedly flowed hundreds of meters inland.

Duvar English

The tsunami waves rose as high as 2.3 meters following the Oct. 30 earthquake that hit the Aegean province of İzmir, Kocaeli University Geophysical Engineering lecturer Dr. Ergin Ulutaş said, daily Cumhuriyet reported. 

"We shouldn't interpret this as a single wave that stood 2.3 meters high," the lecturer said, noting that multiple waves hit repeatedly. 

Tsunami waves appeared as far away as 76 kilometers away, a survey of the area revealed, Ulutaş said, adding that the water penetrated as far ın as 415 meters inland in some spots.

"We measured 1.9 meters on the face of a house by the sea."

The expert also noted that there are historical reports of "big waves" by the residents of the Aegean, which is why it's likely that the region is conducive to tsunamis.