Turkey contemplates rejoining Eurovision after nine-year hiatus

Turkey is contemplating re-joining Eurovision after a nine-year hiatus, the Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) general director said on June 19. Ankara had pulled out of the event in 2012 as a protest against what they deemed an unfair voting system.

Duvar English

Turkey might be rejoining the international music competition Eurovision after a nine-year hiatus, Turkish Radio and Television General Director İbrahim Eren said.

"We are talking with 'Eurovision' (EBU) again," Eren told the daily Milliyet on June 19. "Our colleagues started talks with the new Executive Supervisor. I don’t know what will happen."

Ankara had pulled out of the competition in protest of the scoring system in 2012 on the grounds that Turkish competitor Can Bonomo hadn't ranked as high as the pre-competition scores in the actual voting. 

"Some countries decide on the winner among themselves and conduct a staged vote," had said İbrahim Şahin, former general director of the TRT.

Current General Director Eren said that Ankara was insistent on their decision to not rejoin the competition until the voting system was changed.

"A very good person from Northern Europe became the head of Eurovision. I thought this year's event was very successful. They held a nice competition after a long time," Eren said.

Turkey participated in the international competition a total of 34 times, winning first place with Sertab Erener's performance of "Everyway that I can" in 2003.