Turkey grants workplaces legal authority to ask for PCR testing from unvaccinated staff

The Turkish Labor and Social Security Ministry has granted employers/workplaces the legal authority to require from their unvaccinated employees that they take PCR tests once a week.

Workers are seen at a factory in Antalya in this file photo.

Duvar English 

The Turkish Labor and Social Security Ministry announced on Sept. 3 that it has authorized employers to ask for the results of PCR tests from their unvaccinated employees once a week. 

The implementation will come into an effect on Sept. 6. 

"The workplaces/employers will be able to ask once a week from their non-COVID-19 vaccinated workers that they take PCR tests," the ministry said in its circular sent to the 81 local governor's offices.

The move came after Turkey's Interior Ministry issued a circular late in August to announce that those who are not vaccinated will be required to provide a negative PCR test to participate in certain public activities starting on Sept. 6.

A negative PCR test will be mandatory for those who have not been vaccinated, or not recovered from the virus, to enter concerts, cinemas and theaters, the ministry said.

There will be also a negative PCR test requirement for intercity trips by planes, buses, trains or other public transportation vehicles, excluding private vehicles, by those who are not vaccinated or have not recovered, the ministry said.

Those without the mentioned criteria will not be allowed for intercity trips, it added.