Turkey loses host status for Champions League, Formula 1 amid vaccination efforts

Two massive sporting events, the UEFA Champions League final and the Formula 1 Grand Prix race, both moved out of Turkey on May 11, shortly after the government had promised to vaccinate every citizen that a tourist could run into during their visit.

Duvar English

Turkey lost its host status for two major sporting events on May 11, shortly after the government had promised to vaccinate anyone that a tourist could run into. 

British sports broadcaster Sky Sports reported on May 11 that the UEFA Champions League finale would take place in Estádio do Dragão in the Portuguese capital Porto. 

Separately, the broadcaster for the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix, S Sport said that the event had been canceled altogether.

The United Kingdom had placed Turkey on a red alert list of countries to travel to on May 7, mandating that anyone returning from Turkey to the UK remain in quarantine for 10 days. 

The Champions League final will see two British football giants, Manchester City and Chelsea clash, hence prompting masses of fans to travel to the game's destination. 

The Turkish government had recently promised to "vaccinate anyone whom a tourist could see," which had made Turkish citizens feel like they were only receiving help from the state for tourists' sake. 

"The Champions League finale and Formula 1 were taken away from us a week after saying we would vaccinate anyone a tourist can see..." tweeted Turkish entrepreneur Can Gürses on May 11, noting the irony. 

Ankara has also come under fire recently for exempting tourists from COVID-19 restrictions at the expense of locals' health.