Turkey’s Black Sea coastal highway built for $4.2B engulfed by sea again

The Black Sea Coastal Highway, which its construction costed $4.2B despite all the objections of experts, has been once again engulfed by the sea during the storms. Former Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım in 2010 admitted that it was a “wrong project.”

Duvar English

The Black Sea Coastal Highway on Nov. 27 was once again damaged by the huge waves due to the storm that has been going on for days in northern Turkey. The rising sea waters after heavy rainfall rendered the highway unusable and many vehicles were stranded in the middle of the waves.

In Giresun province, the waves as high as four meters caused an explosion in the lightning poles. The governor’s office announced the closure of the road as a precautionary measure for safety, according to Anadolu Agency (AA).

In most provinces, including Rize, Trabzon, and Giresun, rocks carried by the waves from the sea obstructed transportation, leading to occasional blockages in certain areas.

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in 2007 open the road that cost about 4.2 billion dollars despite all the objections coming from experts regarding the technical and environmental problems. The locals also have protested against the project for years. 

The highway was constructed by damaging the natural shores that have powerful waves and has experienced multiple collapses over the years. Moreover, it has led to frequent flooding because it obstructed the natural drainage channels of the nearby settlements, causing casualties.

Former Prime Minister and Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım in 2010 said, "It was a wrong project, but we had to do it. I can easily say this now. A serious amount of money was spent and we had to completed it.”