Turkey’s finance minister finds heavy work 'not suitable' for women in sexist remarks

Referring to women as "delicate and merciful," Turkish Finance and Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebati has said that he does not find heavy work "suitable" for them in sexist remarks.

Duvar English

Turkey’s Finance and Treasury Minister Nureddin Nebati participated in the 'The Power of the Turkish Economy: Our Women' program held at the ministry on the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day. 

Nebati made sexist claims in the event and said: “Let me tell you clearly; God created us male and you female. Heavy work does not suit a woman; a digging shovel or a construction machine does not suit her. A woman is delicate, merciful, subtle, gentle-spirited. Positions that include valuable managerial skills suit her better.” 

“The number of women entrepreneurs is increasing. While doing this, they do not compromise their family life. Because the main object that creates a society is the woman. It is women who will protect our generations and form the leaders of the next 100 years,” Nebati said. 

“Women are the crown of our heads, the medicine for our hearts. We do not care about some extremist and ideological discourses. Our own values, this civilization and beliefs already order us to be sensitive about women. We just need to understand it. The enrollment rate to school for girls increased to 97 percent. The number of female MPs increased from 4.4 percent to 17.5 percent [under the AKP government]. The participation rate of women in the workforce has increased,” Nebati further said.