Metro stations closed, police barricade Taksim Square ahead of Women’s Day march

Police have barricaded Istanbul's main Taksim Square and the governor's office has closed Taksim metro station ahead of the March 8 International Women's Day march.

Turkish police are seen in the neighborhood of Cihangir near Istanbul's main Taksim Square ahead of the feminist march. Photo source: Twitter

Duvar English

The Istanbul Governor’s Office closed Taksim metro station, Şişhane metro station’s İstiklal Avenue exit and the Taksim-Kabataş finiküler line as of mid-day on March 8 ahead of a feminist march to be held at the city’s central Taksim Square to mark International Women's Day. 

Police have also barricaded the city’s main square and the surrounding areas.

The governor’s office banned the planned march set to take place on March 8 International Women’s Day in Istanbul.

But the organizers of the march said they will go ahead with the rally despite the ban.  

Journalist Melis Alphan said in a tweet that there were already hundreds of police at Taksim and the adjacent Sıraselviler Avenue ahead of the march.