Turkey’s International Universities Council head fakes academic title: Report

The head of Turkey’s International Universities Council (IUC), Orhan Hikmet Azizoğlu, did not hold an academic title despite presenting himself as an “academician," reporting by the daily BirGün revealed.

Duvar English

Orhan Hikmet Azizoğlu, the founder chairman of Turkey’s International Universities Council (IUC), did not have a graduate degree despite presenting himself as an “academician” on online platforms, revealed Dec.22 reporting by the daily BirGün

The self-defined mission of the Council is to “provide cooperation of higher education organizations in Asia, Africa, the Balkan States, and in all other regions in the fields of economic, academic, and technical projects and education while keeping alive and developing the international common values in higher education.”

The Council was established in 2010 with a cabinet decree, and Azizoğlu was appointed as chairman. It currently has 115 member universities and organizes exchange programs and workshops activities in various countries.  

Azizoğlu’s personal website features him accompanying former President Abdullah Gül on various “foreign visits.” Azizoğlu describes himself as a “veteran of July 15,” referring to the coup attempt of 2016. 

Journalist İsmail Arı reported that Azizoğlu’s education background was not available online, and his name did not come up in national registries of academic title holders. 

When contacted for comment, Azizoğlu stated that he was not an academician, and he did not hold any teaching position at a university. 

Azizoğlu also said he did not consider responding to allegations about his undergraduate degree necessary. When asked about the financing of the IUC, Ateşoğlu stated he has been personally covering all domestic expenses of the Council.