Turkey's state-run broadcaster TRT plans to establish int'l digital platform to rival Netflix

Turkey's state-run network TRT will establish an international digital platform to rival Netflix by next year, said the organization's head Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zahid Sobacı.

Duvar English

The director-general of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT), Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, has said that the organization will in 2023 establish an international digital platform alternative to Netflix.

Sobacı made the comments during the “Stratcom Youth: International Young Communicators Forum” organized in the Turkish resort city of Antalya on May 8.

Sobacı did not give any details with regards to the new planned platform, but said that TRT will continue to invest in movies and games.

Criticizing social media, Sobacı said: “Although it was claimed that social media would be a place where individuals would put forward their ideas in a more free way, it has all of a sudden become the medium of fake news, disinformation. While the digital era was promising freedom, a social media that feeds itself on chaos, uncertainty and exaggeration came out.”


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