Turkey's top religious body to hire media crew of 30 people

Known for the controversial statements of its leader Ali Erbaş, Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate will be hiring 30 people for a media crew including anchors, producers and directors, the office announced on Sep. 14.

Duvar English

Often making headlines due to its controversial statements, Turkey's Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) will be hiring 30 media workers for their office, the Official Gazette reported on Sep. 14. 

Some 90 applicants will be interviewed for the 30 openings, the office said, adding that some of the available positions will be for producers, directors and anchors. 

The other media positions include video editing, sound production and light production, and a minimum of 60 percent success in the Public Servant Selection Exam (KPSS).

All applicants who make it to the interview stage will be called in for a verbal examination, and all applicants aspiring for the anchors' positions will be required to complete an 80-hour training by the Education Ministry.

The verbal exam will be evaluated out of 100 points, 70 on professional competency, 15 on "general culture and openness to technological and scientific developments" and 15 on "self-expression, judgment and persuasion skills." 

The top religious body has been spending large amounts on their media content, allocating over a million Turkish Liras to two programs they broadcast during the month of Ramadan alone. 

The official television broadcaster for the top religious body bumped their capital from 275,000 liras to 25,275,000 liras in May.

The Diyanet has been receiving an increasing amount of media coverage thanks to its leader Ali Erbaş who has been known to make controversial statements on topics ranging from the LGBTQI+ community to secularism.

The top religious body has also been the source of interesting fatwas under Erbaş, most recently releasing a statement condemning seafood under Islam.