Turkish Coffee | Episode 7: Have you dared dine out yet?

As restaurants open their doors in Turkey and beyond, the Turkish Coffee hosts take up eating out in Covid days, the projections for the future and the 2,000-years old history of restaurants in the country of a thousand cuisines.

Duvar English

As restaurants around Turkey tentatively open their doors, albeit with distancing and hygiene rules, Aygen Aytaç and Nazlan Ertan look at the past, present and future of dining out in the country of a thousand cuisines.

Which empire was the first one to discover the delights of eating out - Roman or Chinese? In the Ottoman Empire, what did you do if you wanted a taste of the Sultan’s food?

If you are in Turkey, where would you go for a meal to clinch a political or financial deal? And to refer back to the last Turkish Coffee podcast, which came first – coffeehouses or taverns?