Turkish documentary director Sibel Tekin released from jail

A Turkish court has released documentary director Sibel Tekin from jail. Tekin was previously arrested over allegedly being a member of an "armed terrorist organization," after filming a police car for her new project.

Duvar English

An Ankara court on Jan. 30 ordered the release of Turkish documentary director Sibel Tekin.

Tekin was jailed on Dec. 17 over the alleged charge of "membership of a terrorist organization” after filming a police car for her new project on daylight saving time.

The court released Tekin under judicial control measures on the basis that there is “no risk of spoliation of evidence as much of the evidence has been collected,” Media and Law Studies Association reported.

The court also imposed an international travel ban on Tekin.

The first hearing of Tekin’s case will be held on Feb. 23.

Tekin was detained on Dec. 15 after police officers filed a complaint against her for filming their police car in Ankara’s Tuzluçayır district.

Upon the police officers’ complaint, the police confiscated Sibel Tekin’s computers, hard disks which contain her documentaries and her camera in an early morning raid to her house.

The court who arrested Tekin did not specify which organization she is accused of being a member of.

Sibel Tekin is described as the "memory of the city" by the people of Ankara. She filmed documentaries on several social incidents and protests such as Gezi Park Protests and the Ankara October 10 Massacre.