Turkish governor comments on baby who died in flood: 'God wanted to take her'

Aksaray Governor Mehmet Ali Kumbuzoğlu has stated that “God wanted to take her with him” after the body of 3-month-old baby Asel was found dead, who was lost on Sept. 3 when a flood swept through the Central Anatolian province.

Duvar English

Mehmet Ali Kumbuzoğlu, the governor of Turkey's Central Anatolian province of Aksaray, on Sept. 8 stated that “God wanted to take her with him” for the baby who died due to the flood.

The body of the baby Asel Balcan was found dead on the 5th day of the search, who was lost when a flash flood covered the province. 

Governor Kumbuzoğlu said “We found our baby's dead body around 09:45 this morning. We wish we could deliver our baby Asel alive to her family.”

“Apparently God loved our baby so much and wanted to take her with him. She is now in heaven. May God give patience to all her family,” the governor added according to reporting from state-run Anadolu Agency.

One person died when a flood swept through Aksaray province on Sept. 3 and 14 people were rescued, and search and rescue efforts were launched for the missing 3-month-old Asel Balcan.