Turkish gov't seeks to pardon 480 inmates jailed over child sexual abuse

AKP deputies have claimed that the sentences handed over child sexual abuse are too harsh and need to be decreased. The deputies are seeking to pardon 480 inmates with a new regulation on the issue.

Duvar English 

Deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) are seeking to pardon 480 inmates jailed over child sexual abuse, sources told Duvar. 

The AKP has long been seeking to decrease sentences in child sexual abuse cases, saying that the penalties are too harsh. A recent attempt by the party was prevented by the opposition. 

The deputies, however, claim that legal regulations are absolutely needed on several grounds, including "the existence of peer relationship and the fact that two children who love each other get married after they turn 18." 

According to the lawmakers, regulations are necessary for the "couples who got married and who don't have much of an age difference between them." 

There are some 480 inmates in the said conditions, the deputies said, adding that they're not hopeful for parliament to approve such regulations since the opposition won't back them.