Turkish jeweler sells gold face masks for 20,000 liras in Istanbul

An Istanbul jeweler is selling masks crafted from gold for 20,000 liras, and also claims he has created the world's first antibacterial mask made from pure silver.

Duvar English

Masks made using 18 karat gold are being sold by a jeweler in Istanbul's Eminönü district for 20,000 liras, daily Birgün reported.

The 43-year-old jeweler, Sabri Demirci, did not mention if gold harbored any antibacterial or protective properties. 

Demirci, who has worked with silver for more than 30 years, says he has been designing masks for the past four and a half months and has created the world's first antibacterial silver mask, which he sells for 1,500 liras.

“We have also met with companies in the U.S. People can easily wash the mask. Since silver is soft, it does not tear easily. It can be used again after wiping and drying with a soft cloth. We use other masks daily, and they are thrown into the garbage after being used. If everyone throws one mask into the trash every day there will be a heap of trash,” Demirci said.