Turkish judge and prosecutor probed after releasing man who stabbed wife 23 times

Turkey's Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) has launched an investigation into a judge and a prosecutor after they ruled for the release of a suspect who stabbed his wife 23 times ahead of their divorce. The move came after President Erdoğan on March 8 heavily criticized the release of the man.

Duvar English

The Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK) has changed the places of duty of a prosecutor and a judge after they ruled for the release of a man who stabbed his wife 23 times 

The judge has been temporarily assigned to the southeastern province of Şırnak and the prosecutor to the eastern province of Bitlis, Demirören News Agency reported on March 21.

Samet Ağ on April 1, 2021 stabbed his wife Özlem Ağ 23 times in the northern province of Tokat after she filed for divorce. While Özlem Ağ survived the attack, the judge ruled for the arrest of Samet Ağ. 

But three months after the incident, a prosecutor demanded Samet Ağ's release and the judge approved this demand, ruling that Ağ be freed on judicial control measures. 

Özlem Ağ reacted to the release decision, making a public statement. Upon this, the Tokat Chief Public Prosecutor's Office filed an appeal which led to Samet Ağ's imprisonment again. 

Now, the HSK is investigating the prosecutor and judge who initially ruled for the perpetrator's release. Until the investigation is finalized, the judge and prosecutor in question have been assigned to new posts. 

The move came after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on March 8 touched upon the issue and reacted against the release of the suspect in the first place. 

“It turns out, they released the man after three months. We investigated immediately; thank God, they took this man back in. Imagine, he stabs [Özlem Ağ] in 23 places. Oh judge, how come you release such a person?” Erdoğan said.