Kids sharing flute infect 14 family members with COVID-19 in Black Sea province

Five kids who shared a flute in school infected a total 14 family members, Turkish agencies reported on April 2. One expert noted that the re-opening of schools on March 1 increased the number of cases in the country.

Duvar English

Five kids who shared a flute infected 14 of their family members with the COVID-19 virus in Turkey's Black Sea region, local agencies reported on April 2. 

Turkish schools abandoned remote education on March 1, but the country has experienced what experts called a third peak in the pandemic since, raising the number of "very high risk" provinces to 58.

"Re-opening of schools is part of the reason behind the increase in cases," Ondokuz Mayıs University's Prof. Asuman Birinci said, adding that students should be educated about the spread of the virus. 

Birinci noted that one of the kids who shared the flute said that they'd wiped the flute after using it. 

Getting tested early is the key to preventing the spread of COVID-19, Birinci added.