Turkish man gets away with mere monetary fine after attacking stray cats with acid

A Turkish man has received a monetary fine of 90,080 liras after attacking 20 stray cats with nitric acid.

Duvar English

A Turkish man has been given a monetary fine after pouring nitric acid on 20 stray cats in Istanbul’s Eyüpsultan district.

The suspect named Murat Ö. (44) was caught carrying the acid as he was attacking the strays, according to reporting by the state-run Anadolu Agency.

The suspect, who already has several criminal records, was given an administrative fine of 4,554 liras for each of the injured cats, amounting to 91,080 liras in total. He was also banned from owning a pet. 

In a landmark decision, the Turkish parliament in 2021 passed a law that defined animal beings as "living beings" and made animal abuse a crime punishable between six months and four years in prison.

However, the law’s scope is said to be insufficient as sentences less than two years are usually deferred in Turkey, making it possible for perpetrators to avoid jail time despite their horrendous acts.