Turkish man sets up bomb at residence of woman who rejected him

A man identified only as Bayram Ç. set up a bomb at the home of a woman who broke up with him, daily Birgün reported on Nov. 23. While the man was arrested, it was revealed that he was already on probation for violent crimes.

A group of protesters hold a banner that reads "We will stop femicides."

Duvar English

A man identified only as  Bayram Ç. set up a bomb at the residence of a woman who broke up with him in the Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, daily Birgün reported on Nov. 23. 

After the woman's neighbors reported Bayram Ç. to police, he was detained and arrested on charges of "attempted murder."

However, police records showed that Bayram Ç. had been on probation for charges of bodily injury, threats, property damage, and armed threats to the woman he attempted to kill. 

Impunity against violence against women is a common problem in Turkey, as it often leads to repeat offenses.

Ceren Özdemir, a 20-year-old ballerina, had also been killed by a convict on probation last December.