Turkish ministry warns customers against Black Friday sales

Turkey's Trade Ministry has warned customers against Black Friday sales, asking them to check the prices to avoid falling for misleading discounts.

Duvar English 

The Turkish Trade Ministry has warned consumers over misleading discounts during the “sale month” of November, especially those seen during Black Friday, and put forth recommendations to avoid being scammed.

Customers must beware of overly enticing discounts, the ministry said, cautioning that during the month of November, widely known as a “sale month” throughout the world, vendors often artificially inflate the prices of their goods in order to set false discounts and scam buyers.

The ministry advised consumers to check the vendors’ websites and as well as the previous prices of goods that are supposedly on sale in order to avoid being scammed.

It also urged consumers to ensure shopping sites contain SSL certificates and 3D security for secure payments as well as to examine the seller’s contact details and the conditions regarding the consumer’s right of withdrawal.

The ministry noted it would enact sanctions against those misleading practices.