Turkish neo-Nazi group beats Afghan refugee, shares disturbing video

A Turkish neo-Nazi group has shared a video showing one of its members beating an Afghan refugee. The group said that the attack was made to "commemorate" a Turkish teen who died as a result of an Afghan man's attack.

Duvar English 

A Turkish neo-Nazi group called "Ataman Kardeşliği" has shared a video showing one of its members beating an Afghan refugee in Istanbul.

In the disturbing video, the group said that it was patrolling the streets of Istanbul when they spotted the Afghan individual and beat him. 

They also said that the "operation" was carried out in memory of Turkish teen Ayşegül Aydın, who died after being hospitalized as a result of an Afghan's sexual assault. 

It also said that its attacks against Afghans and other refugees will continue. 

This is not the first time that Ataman Kardeşliği staged attacks amid the increasing anti-refugee sentiment in Turkey. In September, the group released a video showing one of its members beating a Syrian refugee with a stick, saying that the man was harassing Turkish women and thus the group "punished" him. 

"Either you desert rats leave our country or we'll make it your grave," the group said. 

Addressing the youth, the group said "we should end this occupation and shed the blood of other ethnicities." 

"Don't be afraid of being called a racist or fascist. We'll be losing our homeland if we don't become racists today," it added.