Turkish opposition MP receives intensive care after fight in parliament

Turkish opposition İYİ Party deputy Hüseyin Örs received intensive care after a fist fight erupted in Turkey's parliament between lawmakers. Ruling AKP MP Zafer Işık, who punched Örs, said he will not apologize because "such things happen in the Assembly."

Duvar English

Right-wing opposition Good (İYİ) Party deputy Hüseyin Örs on Dec. 6 was injured and treated in intensive care after a fist fight erupted in the Parliament between lawmakers during the talks for the 2023 budget.

During the talks for the 2023 budgets of the Parliament, Justice Ministry, and Youth and Sports Ministry, a quarrel between İYİ Party deputy Ümit Yılmaz and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Group Deputy Chair Bülent Turan erupted. The quarrel led to a fist fight between lawmakers.

During the quarrel, AKP deputy Zafer Işık punched İYİ Party deputy Hüseyin Örs who previously suffered from a heart disease. Örs suffered a heart spasm after the punch to the head.

After being hospitalized, Örs received intensive care after his heart rhythm restored to normal with electro shocks.

İYİ Party spokesperson Kürşad Zorlu and deputy Aylin Cesur visited Örs in Güven Hospital in capital Ankara.

“Today, on behalf of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is both a sad day and a shameful day for those who carried out this attack,” Zorlu said while speaking after the visit.

Another AKP Group Deputy Chair Mustafa Elitaş also visited Örs in the hospital. Elitaş said “doctors do not accept visitors to the intensive care unit but Örs is fine, thank goodness.”

On the other hand, AKP deputy Zafer Işık, who punched Örs, refused to apologize. 

“From time to time, such things happen in the General Assembly. I will not apologize, our group will publish a statement if needed,” Işık told Bilal Çelik from online news outlet Diken.

Whereas, the Parliament banned Işık from attending two meetings at the Assembly in accordance with Article 163 of the Rules of Procedure.

Later, İYİ Party leader Meral Akşener also visited Örs in the hospital.

"Thankfully he's fine. I strongly condemn the disrespect towards the will of the nation and our party in our Assembly. No immoral fist will separate us from the path of truth and truth!" Akşener said in a tweet.

Opposition Future (Gelecek) Party leader Ahmet Davutoğlu and main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) Group Deputy Chair Engin Altay were among the politicans who visited Örs in the hospital.

"The MP who attacked specifically targeted Hüseyin Örs, and carried out a physical, fisted attack directly on Örs' eyes and face. This is not an accident that happened in a brawl, Hüseyin Bey is not here as a result of the brawl," Altay said. "If Örs had come five minutes late (to the hospital), maybe we would have lost him."

Altay also criticized Zafer Işık for not apologizing and stated "While our friend, the honorable Member of Parliament, is struggling with his life here, I leave the appreciation of brazenly saying 'I do not apologize' to our beloved nation."

"While we should all take a stand against this violence and have a common attitude, some statements made us deeply saddened. The lawmaker who caused this incident should have apologized, at least on humanitarian grounds," Davutoğlu noted. "Hüseyin Örs survived a very serious life-threatening situation, and the danger continued for a long time. He's better now."

Örs on Dec. 7 has been moved out of intensive care.