Turkish police detain 16 civil rights defenders in Aegean İzmir, Manisa

Sixteen human rights defenders were detained in home raids on Oct. 7 in the Aegean provinces of Manisa and İzmir, including 70-year-old Peace Mother Şükriye Kızıldağ.

Duvar English

Turkish police in the Aegean provinces of İzmir and Manisa on Oct. 7 raided the homes of several members of human rights defenders' organizations and detained 16 people including the 70-year-old Şükriye Kızıldağ.

Kızıldağ is a member of the Peace Mothers, a civilian initiative of women calling for a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish issue

Police raided the homes of administrators and members of Aegean Detainees and Convicts Families Solidarity Association (EGE-TUHAYDER), Clergy Solidarity and Cooperation Association (DİAY-DER) and Anatolian Solidarity and Cooperation Association for Families Who Lost Members (ANYAKAY-DER). 

Police broke the doors in the offices of EGE-TUHAYDER and confiscated assets. 

Four detainees from Manisa were taken to İzmir, and were being kept at the İzmir Police Headquarters.