Turkish public figures call for boycott of Migros over dismissal of protesting workers

Reacting to the dismissals of workers from a Migros grocery warehouse, 335 writers, academics, journalists and rights defenders expressed their support for the workers and called for a boycott of the company.

Migros workers were detained on Feb 8 at a warehouse in Istanbul's Esenyurt district.

Duvar English 

Some 335 public figures, including writers, scientists, academics, politicians, deputies and journalists have declared their support for workers who have been recently dismissed by Turkey’s leading supermarket chain Migros for staging a strike against low pay raise. 

“Migros Esenyurt warehouse workers objected to the misery pay raise in order to make a living and to live humanely, but the boss responded by placing the police in the warehouse and sacking three hundred workers. Migros warehouse workers, like workers all over the country, continue their resistance against slavery, misery price hikes, exploitation and inequality,” said the joint statement. 

“In a country where the majority of people are unable to meet their basic needs, it is impossible to talk about being a society, remaining human, democratic rights or freedoms. We support the rightful resistance of Migros warehouse workers, and we add our voice to the call of Migros women workers to boycott Migros markets,” they said.

A group of Migros workers launched a protest on Feb. 3 at a warehouse in Istanbul's Esenyurt district after the company offered only an 8 percent pay raise. On Feb. 8, the company had the police sent to the warehouse and had the protesting workers detained. A day later, the company terminated the labor contracts of 257 workers for joining the protests. 

In the face of these events, the Warehouse, Port, Shipyard and Marine Workers Union (DGD-SEN) called on everyone to show their solidarity with the dismissed workers and announced that they will be boycotting Migros under the hashtags of #MigrosBoykot and #MigrosuBoykotEdelim.