Turkish singer Doğuş responds to Tarkan’s hit song, says 'it will not pass'

In a new song and music video teased on social media, pop singer Doğuş has responded to megastar Tarkan’s song “It will pass,” saying “It will not pass.”

Duvar English

Singer Doğuş has teased a new song and music video on social media that appears to clap back at megastar Tarkan’s recent hit “It will pass.” In the song, Doğuş says, “It won’t pass.”

Tarkan’s song was widely embraced as a hopeful song for the future of Turkey, an image of the country with lower levels of economic and political strife, or the devastating effects of the pandemic.

“It will pass, of course, this too will pass. See, you will be full of hope. Oh, we'll play and dance then. Those sunny days are very close believe me. It will go as it came. Everything has an end, this ordeal will end too. Oh, we'll play and dance then. Those sunny days are very close believe me,” Tarkan wrote in his song. He hoped the song would bring people “morale and hope."

Doğuş’ new song, however, implies the opposite - that the current situation and strife in Turkey will not pass.

The singer says that the song is not meant to be a response to Tarkan’s and that it was “prepared long ago.” 

“I leave interpretation up to the listener…I think everyone should mind their own business,” he said in an interview with Tele1. 

The singer shared only a part of the song with the announcement that it will be released soon. In the video clip, he was seen wearing a captain outfit.