Turkish social media figure acquitted of hate crime against Armenians 'for insulting Kardashian only'

Turkish social media figure Murat Övüç was acquitted of racial insult charges because he claimed that he had only intended to insult Kim Kardashian. Övüç defended his slurs by saying that Kardashian insulted the Ottoman Empire by talking about the Armenian Genocide.

Duvar English

Turkish social media figure Murat Övüç was acquitted of racial insult charges on March 23 after he said that his hate speech against Armenians was exclusively about American-Armenian celebrity Kim Kardashian. 

Övüç, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, had responded to Kardashian's posts on the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 2020, when she said that she was proud that the U.S. had recognized the mass killings as genocide, an act that Turkey has not done. 

Övüç was initially acquitted of the racial insult charges, which constitute up to 18 months in prison, but his acquittal was appealed. 

"When you look at the entirety of the video, you'll see that I say Armenians are my siblings, I have nothing against them," Övüç said in his statement. 

The social media personality said that he made the statements in question because Kardashian has insulted the Ottoman Empire and his roots.

Meanwhile, complainant Simon Çekem said that Övüç very clearly targeted all Armenians in his words.

"He said filthy Armenians, not filthy so-and-so. He committed this crime," Çekem said.

Çekem attended the March 23 hearing in Istanbul, where Övüç was once again acquitted of the racial insult charges. 

After his acquittal, Övüç said that he was grateful for justice and law in Turkey and that he loved all Armenians, including complainant Çekem.