Turkish state channel interviews Andrew Tate over iftar dinner

Turkey’s state broadcaster TRT World has interviewed self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. Tate has been facing trial in Romania as well as the UK with his brother for human trafficking, rape, and sexual assault charges. 

Duvar English

TRT World, the Turkish state broadcaster’s English language channel, on April 1 interviewed “influencer” and self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate over an iftar dinner. 

Yusuf Erim, editor-at-large at the channel, shared a snippet from his dinner with Tate, and said the two talked about “his legal issues, the future of social media, geopolitics, and much more.” 

In the short video, Erim expressed his happiness about the interview, saying, “This is what Muslims should be doing, having iftar dinners together, talking about issues.”

Tate added that he had a “very interesting conversation” with Erim. 

Tate creates content online targeted to young men and pushes a flagrant agenda of misogyny. Since 2022, the already divisive personality has been charged with rape, sexual assault, and human trafficking charges in both the United Kingdom and his current residence in Romania. 

Romanian police on March 12 detained Tate and his brother because of an arrest warrant by UK authorities, who also requested the siblings’ extradition. 

The Romanian court ruled to postpone the Tate brothers' extradition until their legal proceedings in Romania were concluded. 

Tate on the first week of March shared a photograph from Istanbul, causing a reaction on social media regarding the authorities' lack of measures against a defendant with a red notice on his name.

Turkey's Presidential Communications Directorate clarified the issue, saying the photograph was taken two years ago when Tate was not yet charged with any crimes.