Turkish women European Champions fly economy class, men's football team in private plane

Turkey’s European Champion national women's volleyball team traveled by connecting flights in economy class while the national men’s football team enjoyed private planes.

This screenshot is captured from a video of women's volleyball team's travel to Turkey in economy class.

Duvar English

Turkey’s national women's volleyball team, who achieved one of the country’s greatest sports successes by becoming European Champions, on Sep. 7 traveled to Japan for the 2023 Paris Olympics qualifiers by a scheduled and connecting flight. 

Traveling with Korean Airlines, the national athletes arrived in Tokyo 16 hours later after transferring to Seoul.

The volleyball team had also returned to Turkey on a scheduled flight, in the economy class after winning the championship in the final match.

One day after the difficult journey of the women volleyball players, national men’s football team traveled to the Netherlands for a match against Japan. The football players and technical team traveled with a private plane "under intense security measures,” according to Anadolu Agency.

The women’s volleyball team had difficulties due to the lack of security measures at the airport where they returned after winning the championship.

The men's football team also travels by private plane when traveling within the country like in the match against Armenia in Turkey's Eskişehir province on Sep. 6. 

While it took about 30 minutes to get from Istanbul to Eskişehir by plane, the women team traveled for three hours in economy class after becoming champions.