Turks gravitate towards imitation gold in face of skyrocketing gold prices

Turks have increased their demand for imitation gold jewelry in the face of skyrocketing gold prices, especially with the arrival of the wedding season. It is a tradition for families and relatives to gift gold jewelry to the newlyweds in weddings.  

Duvar English

As the price of one gram of gold has reached almost 1,500 liras, the sale of imitation gold has surged in Turkey, especially with the arrival of the wedding season.

Mesut Borak, a seller of imitation jewelry, said that his store has seen an increase in sales in recent days. “The increase in prices has a positive effect on our sector. We are giving services according to demand and it is reciprocated,” he told local news outlet Bolu Gündem.

Borak said that imitation jewelry is made out of a combination of copper, zinc and brass, and its surface is coated accordingly in order to give the appearance of gold.

“Half a kilo of gold is worn at a (traditional) wedding, and this has a big cost. The total cost of a wedding amounts approximately to 600,000 liras. And belts, bracelets, jewelry sets, necklaces, rings, earrings (worn by the newlyweds) cost approximately 15,000 liras in total if bought from us (as imitation jewelry),” he said.