Two detained for attacking cemevi in Istanbul

Two people were detained for attacking a cemevi - an Alevi house of worship - in Istanbul's Pendik district.

Duvar English 

Two people were detained for attacking the Ali Baba Sultan Cemevi, an Alevi house of worship, in Istanbul's Pendik district. 

The windows of the cemevi were left broken as a result of the attack, Tahir Aslandaş Dede, the head of the cemevi, said on Facebook on Aug. 14. 

"Necessary investigations are carried out," he said. 

Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) deputy Ali Kenanoğlu also commented on the attack, calling on the Istanbul Governor's Office to identify the perpetrators. 

"I hope you won't say, 'We couldn't identify the attackers' when all the streets are filled with security cameras," Kenanoğlu said on Twitter, adding that it would mean that the attack was carried out within the knowledge of authorities when the perpetrators are not found.

"We are expecting an explanation," he said. 

Istanbul Governor's Office later released a statement, saying that two people were detained in relation to the attack. 

"It was determined that the attack was carried out by two intoxicated individuals. The suspects, E.Ş. and E.B., were detained," it said. 

"We condemn attacks against places of worship," it added.