Viewers of abortion-related movie faint during Antalya film festival

Three filmgoers at Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival fainted during Audrey Diwan's abortion-related drama "Happening." One viewer noted that the film was "extremely realistic."

Duvar English

Three viewers of abortion-related drama "Happening" fainted during a screening at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. 

French Director Audrey Diwan's movie is based on a novel by the same name and focuses on a university student's unexpected pregnancy during the 60s.

Two viewers reportedly fainted during the beginning of the movie, with one other near the end; the film had also prompted three viewers to faint at the Venice Film Festival screening.

"I really liked the movie, it was incredibly realistic," said viewer Vahit Tansoy said, adding that he found the lead actress to be particularly successful. 

The movie follows the lead character's conundrum when her unexpected pregnancy threatens her future and entire social network in 1960s France where abortions were illegal.