Wild fox befriends construction workers in eastern Turkey

A wild fox befriended the workers of a stone quarry in eastern Turkey after visiting every night for about six months.

Duvar English

A fox who visits a construction trailer at a stone quarry in eastern Turkey's Iğdır province is cared for by the workers, the Demirören News Agency reported on Oct. 26. 

"I had a dog here who was friends with the fox, but my dog died and the fox was left alone. It visits the trailer every night. It'll stuff its mouth with food and take it back to its den," said worker Hüseyin Demiray.

The fox has been visiting the trailer for six months, and the workers suspect it has babies, as it'll regularly take food back from the construction site to its den. 

"This should be a lesson in humanity. Even a wild fox can befriend humans."