Women's employment in Istanbul City Ferry Lines increases 270 percent

Women's employment rose by 270 percent over four-and-a-half years at Istanbul’s City Ferry Lines (Şehir Hatları) under general manager Sinem Dedetaş, the first female head of the 200-year-old organization.

Duvar English

Istanbul’s City Ferry Lines Ltd. (Şehir Hatları) saw a 270 percent increase in women’s employment in 4.5 years under the leadership of Sinem Dedetaş, the first female head of the 200-year-old company. 

Dedetaş touched upon the importance of equal opportunity in employment in her interview with the Demirören News Agency (DHA).

“We brought in all previously ignored women candidates for reexamination, and the company’s first female shipmasters began work under our management,” told Dedetaş about her administration’s steps for equal employment.

Dedetaş stated that women’s employment was also important for the secure and happy experiences of women passengers and encouraged women passengers to take public transportation. “It is important for women to see another woman captain on trains, ferries, and other public transportation.”

General Manager Dedetaş shared other improvements of the City Lines under her administration. The inter-city lines increased from 20 to 32, the daily journey number increased from 700 to 900, and obsolete ferry docks were repurposed into ferry cafés. Dedetaş said that the initiative was taken for the promotion of public spaces under social municipality principles.