Workers in western Turkey protest municipality for unfair dismissal 

Over 100 workers dismissed by the CHP-run Çiğli Municipality of the Aegean İzmir province protested in front of the municipality building, demanding reinstatement and compensation. 

The protests held a banner reading, "We want our jobs back," in front of the Çiğli Municipality in western Turkey.

Duvar English

Workers of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)-run Çiğli Municipality on June 11 protested the administration for dismissing them unfairly without justification.

The protesters chanted slogans like “No bread for us, no peace for you” and “This is just the beginning, the struggle continues.” The workers were accompanied by various political parties and civil society organization representatives. 

Speaking on behalf of the workers, Deniz Şahin Gümüştekin, President of the DİSK (Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions) local branch, stated that as of June 10 afternoon, 125 municipality workers and 22 food serevice workers, totaling 147, had been laid off from Çiğli Municipality.

Gümüştekin pointed out that among the 147 dismissed workers were pregnant women, new mothers, and workers on medical leave. 

“Without any justification, all of their employment contracts were unilaterally terminated. Despite deliberate rumors suggesting that those laid off were ‘no-show’ workers, the dismissed workers include those who have been employed for over six months, and even more than two years, and none of them are ‘no-show’ workers,” she said.

Gümüştekin announced that as of today, Çiğli Municipality workers have begun their resistance and will continue until they are reinstated. 

Gümüştekin added, “We know that amid this economic crisis, savings can be made in many areas, but never at the expense of workers. We call on the mayor to understand that our salaries are our only means of livelihood and are crucial for our survival during this economic crisis. We will continue to fight until we return to our jobs and secure our livelihood.”