World-renowned pianist Fazıl Say, wife defend their marriage against conservative critics

Iconic Turkish pianist Fazıl Say and his wife, pianist Ece Dağıstan, released a statement defending the couple's marriage after conservative critics slammed the duo for having separate homes, which they revealed in a recent interview with Magnet Quarterly Magazine.

Duvar English

World-renowned Turkish pianist Fazıl Say and his wife, pianist Ece Dağıstan, defended their marriage in a public statement on March 24 after conservative critics slammed the couple for revealing they had two separate apartments in an interview with Magnet Quarterly Magazine. 

The couple "live like new lovers in two separate homes," Dağıstan and Say had said in the Magnet Quarterly interview, noting that they maintain the enthusiasm of a recently-blossoming romance despite their 2019 nuptials. 

Clubhouse chat rooms and TV broadcasts debated the couple's marriage following their statements, Dağıstan noted in a response to critics, adding that people said their marriage was illegitimate because they had separate homes, and that "the institution of marriage doesn't allow freedom."

Some women said that they would install cameras in their spouse's home, or would send cleaning workers over to check on him, Dağıstan said.

"Miss Astrologist So-and-so said Fazıl probably wanted this cause he's a Capricorn, and figured that I must be a Cancer," Dağıstan added. 

The couple doesn't expect people who assume "the woman must have been forced to accept this arrangement" to understand their "relationship of unconditional love" between the two, Dağıstan said. 

A professional pianist herself, Dağıstan said that she's lived alone since the age of 17, never considered marriage to be a life goal, and always sought to find a formula of internal peace and happiness. 

Meanwhile, Say comforted followers about the state of their marriage by saying that the separation of their homes means that they "make love twice a day," one in each apartment.

"True, we have two lives, but that doesn't mean we lead separate lives. Nobody imposed anything on the other in our relationship, but we spend each day between the two places," Dağıstan noted.

Dağıstan and Say still take their belongings to each other's houses in backpacks, the former said, adding that it can get inconvenient but is "totally worth it."

"These critics are opposed to a woman being independent and in charge of her lifestyle because they can't see themselves looking good while doing it. They should know that it looks great on us."

"P.S. My zodiac sign is Aries...." Dağıstan said.