AKP Mayor arrested on charges of 'facilitating prostitution'

AKP Mayor Mehmet Enis Doğan of Mollakendi district in Elazığ province was arrested on charges related to "facilitating prostitution" at his hotel.

AKP Mayor Mehmet Enis Doğan is arrested on charges of "facilitating prostitution."

Duvar English

Mehmet Enis Doğan, a mayor affiliated with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), has been arrested on charges related to "facilitating prostitution" at his hotel in Elazığ’s city center, the daily Sözcü reported on March 5.

Doğan, Mollakendi district’s mayor in eastern Elazığ province, was arrested as part ‘’Operation Cemre’’ on March 1.

The crackdown targeted various beauty centers, hotels, and guesthouses in Elazığ allegedly engaged in prostitution activities.

Five individuals, including Mayor Doğan, were detained and brought to Elazığ’s courthouse that same day. They were subsequently arrested upon hearing their statements.

Authorities announced that they will close Doğan’s hotel as well as the beauty centers involved.

Additionally, 128 individuals who had used prostitution services at the hotel and beauty centers were fined.

The case has prompted criticism, accusing AKP members of hypocrisy, highlighting the religious messages frequently posted on Mayor Doğan’s social media pages.

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